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The shining star of Tasmania's blossoming Cradle Coast wine region

On the outskirts of Port Sorrell, nestled in the rolling hills and looking out over the Bass Straight, Ghost Rock is no longer an upstart little winery isolated from the big names and estates in the neighbouring Tamar Valley. It's very existence birthed the now-flourishing Cradle Coast wine region, and proved to all that North-West Tasmania can make unique and gob-smacking wine.
Transformed from a run-down patch of vines by Cate and Colin Arnold in 2001, and now owned and operated by their son Justin and his wife Alicia, Ghost Rock do a bit of everything. For the classicists, they produce the varieties and styles of Tassie everyone knows and loves, with the North-West's unique terroir. They also release groovy and experimental lo-fi wines under their "Supernatural" range. There is something for every palate!
The genesis of their single vineyard series marked the true mastery and synergy Justin and Alicia have with the region, and treated with the utmost reverence and respect. They are the gold-standard of one of Australia's undiscovered gems in the world of wine. If you love your wine, trying these are a must!

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