Twelve & a Half Acres Montville Dry Gin

Twelve & a Half Acres Montville Dry Gin

  • Region
    • Sunshine Coast QLD
  • Variety
    • Gin

Twelve & a Half Acres Montville Dry Gin is a masterfully crafted spirit that encapsulates the essence of the picturesque Montville region in Queensland, Australia. Distilled with precision and passion, this artisanal gin is a harmonious blend of locally sourced botanicals, including native juniper, finger lime, and lemon myrtle. The name pays homage to the lush twelve and a half acres of pristine land surrounding the distillery, where nature's bounty inspires every batch.

This dry gin unfolds a symphony of flavors on the palate, striking a delicate balance between the citrusy notes of finger lime, the earthy warmth of native juniper, and the refreshing undertones of lemon myrtle. The result is a gin that captures the unique terroir of Montville, offering a sensory journey through the region's rich landscapes with each sip.

Whether savored neat, over ice, or as the foundation for an exquisite cocktail, Twelve & a Half Acres Montville Dry Gin invites connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to experience the spirit of Queensland's Sunshine Coast in a bottle. With its commitment to quality and a nod to the local terroir, this gin stands as a testament to the artistry of small-batch distillation, making it a true gem in the world of craft spirits.