Twelve & a Half Acres Liquorice Gin

Twelve & a Half Acres Liquorice Gin is a unique and captivating expression of the classic spirit, crafted with innovation and a nod to tradition. Drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes of Montville, Queensland, this artisanal gin features a distinctive infusion of premium liquorice root, adding a bold and enchanting twist to the traditional botanical lineup.

The name pays homage to the twelve and a half acres of pristine land that surround the distillery, creating a connection between the gin and the natural beauty of its origin. The result is a spirit that seamlessly marries the sweetness and complexity of liquorice with the time-honored art of small-batch distillation.

With each sip, Twelve & a Half Acres Liquorice Gin unfolds a rich tapestry of flavors, where the warm, earthy notes of liquorice dance alongside carefully selected botanicals, creating a harmonious and sophisticated profile. This distinctive gin is not only an homage to the region's terroir but also a celebration of the innovative spirit that defines craft distilling.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for a creative cocktail, Twelve & a Half Acres Liquorice Gin invites enthusiasts to embark on a flavor journey that pushes the boundaries of traditional gin. A testament to craftsmanship and creativity, this gin stands as a shining example of the exciting and evolving world of contemporary spirits.

  • Region
    • Sunshine Coast QLD
  • Variety
    • Gin