Tres Tribus Joven Cuixe Mezcal

Single varietal Mezcal made by the expert Mezcalero, Juan Antonio Coronel. These Cuishe agaves range from 10 to 25 years old, traditionally cooked with oak chips and then naturally fermented in wooden vats underground with wild yeast and spring water from the San Pedro Tidaá spring. Distillation takes place in a still designed and hand-built by Coronel using copper and local elements from the region. For every wild agave harvested, four new are replanted. 

The aroma is intense, mineral and spicy with noted of earth and a whiff of barnyard mess. Even so, the palate is smooth and oily, utterly delectable. You just can't help but take another sip.

  • Agave
    • Maguey Cuishe
  • Region
    • Oaxaca Mexico