Shinobu Blended Whisky

Shinobu Blended Whisky

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    • Japan
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    • Japanese Whisky
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Shinobu Blended Whisky is a Japanese whisky that combines tradition and innovation to create a distinctive and refined spirit. Crafted by the Shinobu Distillery, the name "Shinobu" translates to "forbearance" or "patience" in Japanese, reflecting the meticulous and patient approach to whisky-making.

This blended whisky is a harmonious marriage of malt and grain whiskies, carefully selected and aged in a variety of casks, including American oak, sherry, and Mizunara oak. The Mizunara oak, in particular, is known for imparting unique and spicy notes to the whisky, contributing to its complexity.

Shinobu Blended Whisky is often praised for its smooth and well-balanced profile, featuring flavors of honey, fruit, vanilla, and a touch of Mizunara-inspired spiciness. The combination of traditional Scottish and Japanese whisky-making techniques results in a whisky that pays homage to both traditions while offering a distinctively Japanese character.