Quiquiriqui Destilado con Cacao Mezcal

Quiquiriqui Destilado con Cacao Mezcal

  • Agave
    • Espadin
  • Producer
    • Quiquiriqui
  • Region
    • Santiago MatatlĂĄn Mexico

Satisfy your inner connoisseur with Quiquiriqui Destilado con Cacao Mezcal. This sophisticated spirit offers a captivating aroma of minerality and smokiness, with subtle hints of oak-aged chocolate and caramel. Its smooth and silky texture delicately transitions to a balanced bitterness on the finish, leaving behind nuances of wood and spice. Enjoy this exclusive beverage, and indulge in its unique flavor profile.

Crafted by Carlos MĂ©ndez at his Palenque in Santiago MatatlĂĄn with the Quiquiriqui EspadĂ­n agave as its base. After pit-roasting, crushing and wild fermentation in wooden vats, it was distilled twice in alembic stills. Then, home-roasted coffee beans were added to the spirit and left to rest for two weeks before a final, third distillation.