Lagavulin 8yo Scotch Whisky

Lagavulin 8-Year-Old Whisky is a renowned Scotch single malt produced on the Isle of Islay by the Lagavulin Distillery. This particular expression is aged for eight years, capturing the essence of Islay's distinctive peaty and maritime characteristics.

Lagavulin 8 is celebrated for its bold and robust flavor profile. The aging process in oak casks imparts a golden hue and contributes to the whisky's complex notes of peat smoke, maritime saltiness, and a touch of sweetness. The palate is often described as rich and full-bodied, with a balance of smoky, medicinal, and citrusy flavors.

As part of Lagavulin's range, the 8-Year-Old expression provides a younger but no less impressive representation of Islay's traditional whisky craftsmanship. It's a favorite among peat enthusiasts, offering a memorable and characterful Islay whisky experience.

  • Region
    • Scotland
  • Variety
    • Scotch