Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Whiskey 1L

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Whiskey 1L

  • Producer
    • Jack Daniels
  • Region
    • Tennessee USA
  • Size
    • 1000ml

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Whiskey pays homage to the legendary singer Frank Sinatra, who was famously known for his love of Jack Daniel's. This special edition whiskey is crafted in tribute to Sinatra's refined taste and friendship with the distillery. It is meticulously crafted from a specially curated blend of Jack Daniel's finest barrels, hand-selected by Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. The whiskey is then aged in a unique "Sinatra Barrel," grooved to allow more contact between the whiskey and the wood, resulting in a rich and bold flavor profile. Sinatra Select offers a smooth and full-bodied taste with notes of caramel, oak, and sweet vanilla, with a lingering finish that embodies the sophistication and style associated with the iconic performer. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail, Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Whiskey is a fitting tribute to the legendary crooner and a cherished addition to any whiskey collection.