Idle Hour Rye Vodka

Idle Hour Rye Vodka, handcrafted in Brisbane from locally sourced ingredients, embodies the essence of artisanal distilling. Founded on the belief that exceptional vodka should be intriguing, textured, and true to its core, Idle Hour has chosen milled rye as its featured grain, resulting in a layered and punchy spirit. This meticulously crafted vodka promises a smooth, spiced taste with a creamy texture and a clean finish. In essence, it's a vodka that invites exploration. Idle Hour has taken care to ensure its versatility, whether enjoyed simply on the rocks or as the perfect companion to a refreshing soda water and lime. With its commitment to quality and flavor, Idle Hour Rye Vodka offers a sensory journey that captivates and satisfies discerning palates.
  • Country
    • Australia
  • Producer
    • Idle Hour
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