Highland Park 12yo Viking Honour Scotch

This single malt is a tribute to the proud Viking heritage and the untamed beauty of the region.

Crafted with expertise, the 12-Year-Old Viking Honour is a harmony of sweet heather honey, floral notes, and a whisper of peat smoke. Aged in sherry-seasoned oak casks, it unveils a rich and complex flavor profile that resonates with the history of Highland Park.

Sip and savor the essence of the Orcadian spirit, where the sea, the wind, and the ancient Viking traditions come together in every drop. Whether you're an avid whisky enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Highland Park 12-Year-Old Viking Honour invites you to raise a glass to the enduring legacy of craftsmanship and the wild beauty of Orkney. Skål to the Viking Honour!

  • Country
    • Scotland
  • Producer
    • Highland Park
  • Variety
    • Scotch
    • Whiskey