Fossey's Pepperberry Gin Elixir 02

Fossey's Pepperberry Gin Elixir 02 is a testament to innovation and creativity in the world of gin. Crafted by Fossey's Distillery, this unique elixir showcases the distinctive flavors of Australian pepperberry alongside traditional gin botanicals. Named in homage to pioneering primatologist Dian Fossey, it embodies a spirit of exploration and discovery. Infused with juniper, citrus, and a generous dose of native pepperberry, this gin elixir offers a harmonious balance of flavors with a delightful kick of spice. Whether enjoyed neat, in classic cocktails, or as the star ingredient in innovative mixology creations, Fossey's Pepperberry Gin Elixir 02 promises a memorable drinking experience that celebrates the rich diversity of Australian botanicals.
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    • Fossey's