Don Fulano Reposado Tequila

Don Fulano Reposado Tequila

  • Agave
    • Blue Webber
  • Age
    • Reposado
  • Producer
    • Don Fulano
  • Region
    • Jalisco Mexico
Don Fulano Reposado Tequila represents a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, crafted with meticulous care by the esteemed Tequila Don Fulano distillery. After aging in American oak barrels for at least eight months, this reposado tequila achieves a perfect balance of flavor and character. It embodies the essence of the blue Weber agave with a smooth, golden hue and a rich, complex aroma. Delicate notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak mingle gracefully on the palate, culminating in a lingering, satisfying finish. Whether sipped neat or used as the foundation for premium cocktails, Don Fulano Reposado Tequila offers a luxurious drinking experience that honors Mexico's proud tequila heritage.