Bozal Pechuga Mezcal

Bozal Pechuga Mezcal

  • Agave
    • Maguey Cuishe
  • Producer
    • Bozal
  • Region
    • Oaxaca Mexico

Made in the traditional sacrificial method from Cuishe Agave that takes 12 years to mature. Pechuga is a ceremonial and festive mezcal, taking place at year-end.

First the agave is crushed, baked in earthen pit ovens, fermented, and then distilled in copper. Before the second distillation, organic cooked chicken marinates in Mole Madre; a spice mix made with locally sourced fruits, chiles, citrus fruits, raisins, cinnamon and clove. After the chicken has fully marinated, the protein and spices are added into the final distillation.

The resulting Mezcal has its signature smoke with aromas of each spice, a hint of rich cacao and the palate is unmistakably slick with delicious chook.