2020 Suertes Del Marqués 7 Fuentes

2020 Suertes Del Marqués 7 Fuentes

  • Producer
    • Suertes Del Marqués
  • Region
    • Tenerife Spain
  • Variety
    • Blend
  • Vintage
    • 2020

Embark on a sensory voyage with the 2020 Suertes Del Marqués 7 Fuentes, a village red that intricately weaves the essence of the Canary Islands into each drop. Crafted from a blend of Listán Negro and Tintilia, this wine reflects a captivating evolution in style under the skilled hands of the winemaker, showcasing a prettier, lighter-bodied, and more thirst-quenching profile.

The main protagonist, the wildly aromatic Listán Negro, dances harmoniously with a small portion of Tintilia. Entirely fermented in small tanks with indigenous yeast and a brief, gentle maceration, this wine embodies the raw, untouched beauty of the terroir. The name "7 Fuentes" pays homage to the seven climates in the D.O. of Valle de la Orotava, where Suertes draws from 35 separate plots. These plots, featuring vines aged between 10 to 100 years and positioned at varying altitudes, create a symphony of flavours that ascend up to 800 meters on the slopes of Mount Teide.

Intricately cultivated, Listán Negro sprawls in cordón trenzado, while the Tintilia from the Bocanegra plot is trellised to the espaldera system. Vinification begins separately in stainless steel for each parcel before culminating in a harmonious blend. Aging gracefully, the wine matures in small concrete tanks (70%) and seasoned French demi-muids (30%). Every bottle of Suertes Del Marqués 7 Fuentes is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that transforms raw materials from diverse plots into a sublime, Canarian expression. Raise your glass to this vinous masterpiece, a celebration of terroir and tradition!