La Violetta Patio Pet Nat 2023

And now, AJ introduces his latest triumph: a delightful libation named "Patio." True to its name, this Pet Nat release is meticulously crafted with al fresco drinking in mind. AJ has seamlessly intertwined the finest Riesling and Muscat from the Great Southern region, resulting in a concoction that shimmers with effervescence and radiates with a cloudy, untamed beauty.

AJ Hoadley, the vibrant force behind the winery, never ceases to amaze with his insatiable thirst for novelty. In the realm of winemaking, he is a masterful explorer, forever on the hunt for something extraordinary and unconventional. One can never predict what remarkable creation will emerge from his restless mind.


  • Producer
    • La Violetta
  • Region
    • Great Southern WA
  • Variety
    • Blend
  • Vintage
    • 2023
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