Blind Corner Chardonnay Aligote 2021

Like your favourite comedian, this wine has a wonderfully dry delivery and flavourful punchline that will send your tastebuds into the giggles. It’s Chardonnay base offers a full-body mouthfeel, with the Aligoté adding citrus notes for a subtle tang.

“Aligoté is a lesser-known white grape from Burgundy, a region where chardonnay is king. Traditionally the two grapes were inter-planted in the vineyards there, the higher acidity of the aligoté balancing the richness of the chardonnay. Ben Gould of Margaret River winery Blind Corner is one of very few people to grow aligoté in Australia, and he uses it to similar effect in this wine, adding crisp, almost herbal tartness to the ripe, sun-kissed golden textural qualities of wild-fermented chardonnay.”

  • Producer
    • Blind Corner
  • Region
    • Margaret River WA
  • Variety
    • Blend
  • Vintage
    • 2021